Family Nutrition and Physical Activity Screening Tool
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About the Food Nutrition and Physical Activity (FNPA) Screening Tool

This screening tool was created from an evidence-based review that summarized factors influencing children’s risk for becoming overweight. The instrument includes items that evaluate family policies and environments that influence children’s physical activity, diet and sedentary behavior (assessed as time spent on TV and computer). Research has shown that this screening tool can predict potential adverse changes in a child’s risk for overweight. To get accurate information it is important to provide honest answers about your current home policies and environments and not what you might like them to be. After completing the survey you will be shown your answers as well as the recommended behaviors for each question. Hopefully these recommended behaviors will be useful for your family and provide suggested changes that you might be able to implement to promote healthy lifestyles for you and your child.


The development of the FNPA tool evolved from an ongoing research partnership with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its Foundation. The Ann Hertzler Fund of the ADA Foundation provided support for the Evidence Analyses and vision to guide the development of the tool. We would like to acknowledge the key members of the FNPA planning group: Patricia Crawford, PhD, RD, Lorene Ritchie, PHD, RD and Karen Peterson, PhD, RD as well as the original American Dietetic Association Foundation strategic group that identified the need for a family nutrition and physical activity screening tool.


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